Wish For You (Book #5)


There’s only one place I feel at home- on the derby track.


When you’re a girl in a small Southern town, you know your place. You aren’t in charge. You have no real power. But when I lace up my skates and strap on my helmet? That makes me someone to reckon with.


Derby rules keep me grounded. So has my best friend Wyatt-- until now. I’m sick of other people’s rules, but making my own might just be my biggest mistake.


She was my home- until the war ended.


Marines are no strangers to rules, but when Lacey gave me her own set? I’m lost. I didn’t come home the same man I left. The guilt, the pain, and the fear send me into a downward spiral.


My best friend has pushed me away, but when my secret comes out, and I’m forced to reckon with my own past, she might just be the one to save me.







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