Melt For You (Book #7)

In small towns, dirty little secrets have a way of being discovered… 

I’m not proud of how I make my money. Never in a million years would I have imagined myself making thousands of dollars escorting society women around, but pride comes second to survival, and my family needs the money.

I only have one rule: I won’t take money for sex.

When a beautiful girl with sadness in her eyes moves into the house next door, I’ll be her handyman. But I won’t let her get close to me--no matter how much I want to. There are enough problems in my life already.

Now I have a second rule: I won’t taint anyone so pure.

But as the days lengthen and I continue repairing her house, Brooklyn also finds ways to break down my walls. The sparks between us are undeniable. Her loss and my lies may not sound good on paper, but they are explosive in bed.

And when my secret gets out, we'll have to fight to survive the fire it ignites.





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