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April 1st~ LIVE FOR YOU is FREE!!! (no fooling around ;))



Available for your iPad Kindle Nook Kobo


Extra! Extra!

March 12, 2014~ Cover Reveal Day! Pre-order at iBooks!

Beau Montgomery is *not* the typical single dad for three reasons:

1. He's rich and famous.
2. He needs a nanny, like yesterday.
3. He has no idea if eight month old, Mia, is actually his daughter.

Only, number three doesn't matter to him, because he's determined to give up everything to be a standup dad, including racing, partying, and his favorite vice-women. Until that is, he's invited to race in Monaco--a dream he's always had. Now, all those things he'd sworn to give up are at his fingertips, including the very inconveniently hot nanny, Landry Basnight, who's traveling with him.

Landry Basnight *is* the typical college graduate for three reasons:

1. She's broke and in debt up to her eyeballs.
2. She needs a job, like yesterday.
3. Nothing exciting ever happens in her life.

Only, number three is about to change, because she's been hired by Beau Montgomery, son of Racing Royalty. Landry's parents are big fans of the Montgomerys, while she couldn't care less--all she wants is to make a dent in her student loans. However, that doesn't stop her from falling in love with her little charge, nor does it make it easier to resist Beau's charms.

Lines are crossed, and then forgotten as Beau and Landry grow closer, but when Beau's ex-girlfriend, who is also Mia's mother, shows up, everything starts to fall apart for the new couple.

Will their love weather the storm, or will Beau abandon Landry for the family he's always wanted?

February 18, 2014~ iBooks features Boys of the South Series on their main Romance Page

The awesome folks at iBooks have created a special brick promotion for my Boys of the South Series. I love it. It was an awesome way to start my day. It's so pretty, you really need to go check it out! For those who don't have the ability, go to my facebook page and check out the screen shot!



February 12, 2014~ Be Mine (Holland Springs #6) is now available for pre-order at iBooks! The cover reveal will be on February 26, so stay tuned! in the meantime, check out the blurb:

Scottish Duke, Liam Stewart, needs a wife and an heir before he can inherit the money he so desperately needs to support his family, his staff, and restore his ducal estates to their former glory. Only ever since his ex-fiancee ran off with the gardener, Liam doesn't believe in marriage, or miracles, for that matter… until that is, Isabella Edwards appears at his Edinburgh town home with the answers to his problems.

Former missionary, Isabella Edwards had the perfect life all planned out. Marry her perfect fiancé, live near her family in Holland Springs, open a bookstore, and have a couple of kids. Except… her fiancé ran off to Las Vegas with his widowed ex-stepmother, the bookstore closed before it could open, and now… now, she's pregnant after a one-weekend stand with hot Scot, Liam Stewart.

To Isabella's utter shock, Liam proposes, but a marriage can't last on desire alone. The problem? Isabella and Liam are totally opposites. In fact, the only time they're in agreement is in the bedroom. Desperate to keep her reputation, she accepts. 

Now her only hope is that they can put aside their differences and let love bring them together.




Wish For You (Boys of the South #4) is finally live!!!!  I'm so excited to share this best friends to lovers story of roller derby girl, Lacey Evans, and Marine Veteran, Wyatt Tanaka! Lacey and Wyatt were first introduced in Live For You (Boys of the South #1), and knew they had a big story ahead for them.Wish For You is told from Wyatt and Lacey's point of view.  Now you can read their story, complete with a happily ever after. Please be sure to let everyone how much you loved their story by posting a review on Amazon, iBooks, or B&N. 

Get your copy now, while it's only $2.99 at iBooks Kindle B&N and Kobo!


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Boys of the South: Book 5
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